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Some of Our Completed Projects

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At Habitats by Harper we also handle construction and remodeling. Here are two examples:

1) Our customer in Katy asked us to convert this garage from one with a very large garage door and a very small door, to a garage with two equal size doors. A car could not be driven into the structure through the smaller door. Also we were asked to reinforce the garage and make it strong. We removed the original doors. Then the brick column and vertical supporting beams behind it were removed. The structure at that time was being held up by pole jacks and lots of 2" by 4"s for extra support. The large 10 inch by 45 foot beam was then installed to hold up the roof. The beam was supported by three steel poles in the front wall of the garage. This beam and the poles were then encased with plywood so they were no longer visible, for cosmetic purposes. After that we added trim, painted and were finished.

2) Our next customer contracted to have all of the tile in their home replaced with very nice ceramic tile.

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Begin Garage Door Re-work

Here the garage doors were unequal in width rendering the smaller door unusable for automobiles. We were asked to make the doors equal in width.

The original garage doors were 9' and 16' in width . When we finished the project both doors were 14' wide.

Steel I-Beam Delivery

The customer wanted to make sure the roof of the garage never sagged over the top of the less supported door area. In order to guarantee this, Habitats installed a large steel beam supported by 3 steel poles to support the front of the garage. On the bottom of these poles we welded steel plates and secured into the concrete with large lag bolts.

The next two show the steel beam and poles skillfully hidden for esthetics by finish grade plywood.

Completed Esthetic Trim

Completed Esthetic Trim

Pretty nice looking don't you think?

Completed Garage Doors

Here we have a complete home flooring replacement.

Ripping Out The Old Linoleum

Our customer wanted all of his linoleum tile replaced home wide, with very nice ceramic tile.

The next two show the beginning and intermediate steps of the new tile installation.

Beginning New Tile Install

Beginning New Tile Install

Our customers new tile installation has been completed.

New Kitchen Tile

New Dining Room Tile

New Dining Room Tile

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